How do you clean our bouncy castles?

We clean our bouncy castles after every hire. This is to make sure each time each customer receives clean and sanitised inflatables.

Making sure each inflatable meets our high standards. As part of the BSEN14960-2013, It is our responsibility as a hire company to ensure we carry out routine maintenance. Preventative measures to maintain levels of safety and performance such measures include;

  • Cleaning the Inflatable
  • Removal of debris and contaminants
  • Cleaning the blower air intake

Also as part of the BSEN14960-2013. As a hire company, we must make and keep documentation of our cleaning records.

These documents are not online as it would require an awful lot of admin due to some units we hire, But a clean record may be on our delivery vehicle, and our team would be happy to show you.

Our cleaning process.

We take pride in our clean inflatables and always receive compliments on how they look brand new.

After a bouncy castle has been on hire, our team brings it back to our warehouse where the team unroll the inflatable and start the cleaning process.

  • With the flat inflatables, the roof is scrubbed with warm soapy water, and dried with towels.
  • Then we inflate the unit and clean any debris with a handheld vacuum.
  • All areas are washed with soapy water and dried immediately. ( Changing the water regularly)
  • After the inflatables have been cleaned and dried, our team will check the inflatable for any damage.
  • Then Power cables and fans cleaned and checked. (Any damaged item will be removed from our hire fleet and repaired)
  • once all areas have been checked the inflatables are covered in a light mist of D10 a Cleaner and Sanitizer solution used by professional and medical facilities
  • The air for 5 Minutes and packed away for its next hire.

Sometimes inflatables may go out back to back in this scenario or team will run a faster version of this process when setting up. It is a seamless service, and you may not even notice them doing it.

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