Frequently Asked Questions

When considering hiring an inflatable unit or bouncy castle from Ace Inflatables, this could all be a brand-new encounter for you. We get asked many questions each day and have posted the most popular requested ones below. If you can't see the answer to your problem then don't worry, contact us

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Question 1. - Where does Ace Inflatables operate its hire service?

Question 2. - How long do I get the Inflatable?

Question 3. - Can I have my inflatable inside?

Question 4. - Will my inflatable fit inside this hall/indoor venue?

Question 5. - Do you have insurance?

Question 6. - Are all your electrical equipment safe?

Question 7. - Can I use the inflatable in the rain?

Question 8. - Do your inflatables have shower covers?

Question 9. - How do I pay?

Question 10. - Do I have to pay a deposit to book?

Question 11. - Can I book the inflatable overnight?

Question 12. - My garden is on a slope, how level does my garden need to be?

Question 13. - How long does it take to set up the inflatable?

Question 14. - What size entrance do you need?

Question 15. - Do I need power?

Question 16. - Do you supply power leads, and how much?

Question 17. - I have a lot of steps, will you still deliver?

Question 18. - How big are your vehicles?

Question 19. - Can you set up on concrete?

Question 20. - What does the price include?

Question 21. - Do you supply staff?

Question 22. - When are your inflatables available?

Question 23. - Do you have clean inflatables?