28 February 17 - The Bull is Back and needs a Name?

The Rodeo Bull is back and ready to go!

Hello, everyone, it has been a month since Peter & Harry went to the INPAS Trade show. Click Me to see Harry snap chat of the day. And our new equipment is starting to arrive and can't wait to show you.

But today we took delivery of our new Bucking Bronco! It's the best machine on the market and comes complete with Soft Bulls Head, Real Cow Hide, Auto Rider Cut Off and pre set rides, making sure everyone has a fair go!

But there is only one thing our Bull doesn't have... A Name

And we are wondering if you can help us.

Comment on the Facebook video with a name and share the video. With a chance to win a 25% Discount code! Make sure you check all the terms on the Facebook page.


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