05 June 17 - The Recap of May

Let us jump straight in we are happy to announce our new Big N Bouncy Adult Castle 25ft x 25ft!

And we love it, this super bouncy castle has been specially designed with a super deluxe bed, making it one of the bounciest castles ever. Why let the kids have all the fun, this unit is built for Adults to act like children, With its large bouncing area and tall walls. We couldn't wait to have ago on this one! Watch the video below of Harry our Events Co-ordinator having a go.

We would like to add do not try any front flips at home this was carried out in a controlled environment to show how bouncy this unit is.

This Bouncy Castle is ready to hire today all over East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Brighton, Surrey, and London.

From our base in Uckfield. Perfect for any Adult Party.

As you may know about us if you have used us before or keep up to date with us on Facebook, or on the News Page. Safety is at the forefront of our companies ethos.

This is why we wrote a Case Study on "How To Choose A Reputable Company!" As it really is what it says on the tin. We combine the standard of safe inflatable play and our 20 years of inflatable knowledge, on building a guide on what to look for when booking a bouncy castle full of top tips and interesting facts.

Check out the article - Tap Here

We are going to finish The Recap here this month we still have a lot more to share with you all for June so watch this space. As always thank you for reading the months news and have a lovely June ✌️

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